Jump Serve and a Golf Swing

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How do I jump serve?

Jump Serve and a Golf Swing

Very few coaches teach players technique when it comes to a jump serve.

A jump serve is like a golf swing in that regardless of which club you use you want to use the same swing every time. Unlike a spike where there are many variables to consider before and durring the attack a good jump serve limits your variables.

It is common for a beginning player to practice variables which is O.K. but only for the initial learning phase(less than 100 swings). You should explore which approach, toss, armswing, etc feels comfortable to you before you settle on a routein.

Once you have the general feel for the skill your approach, toss, jump, armswing, tempo and contact should be the same every time. Perhaps the most important variable is the point of contact. Regardless of what else is happening if you have the same contact point every time you will have success.

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