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What can I do during the offseason?

Offseason Conditioning

This tip will help you stay in shape or get in shape for your upcoming season that will be here before you know it.

Course of Action:
1. Play in at least one league all of the time.
2. Do not play only indoor volleyball. If you spend most of your time playing inside, try and get involved in an outdoor league or beach volleyball.
3. Play 2 person beach volleyball whenever possible, this will help every part of your game.
4. Begin a running schedule, if you do not have one already. Training is not just for the off-season.
5. 2 key exercises to do are running at least 8 – 10 miles a week and getting involved in a jumping program or plyometrics.

Focus On:
1. The more you play the better, but do not do more than your body is capable of handling.
2. Cross-train when time permits. Getting involved in other sports is good because it will help you develop muscles that you may not use during the volleyball season.

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