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How can I serve tougher?

Serving tougher.

Getting the ball over the net is the first step in becoming a tough server, but there are ways to make your serve more effective in scoring aces for your team.

1-Serve the weakest passer, judging by past performance.

2-If you don't know who their weakest passer is, serve the tallest player. They're often a front row specialist who spends very little time on perfecting their serve receive.

3-Serve a player who has just entered the game. That player hasn't yet had time to get into the flow of the game or gotten warmed up. Put the pressure on them right away.

4-Serve a player who has just been involved in a very taxing rally, expending alot of energy. Get them before they can recover physically and mentally.

5-Serve any player who has shown visible signs of being upset or angry. Their frame of mind will usually cause them to make another mistake.

6-Serve any player who has just shanked the previous serve. Their mental state will be shaky, and they'll be thinking harder about the next pass. If they continue to mishandle your serves, keep serving them until they either finally pass successfully or are substituted out. (In which case, you'll immediately serve their sub!)

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What does Doug Beal say about player success?

Doug Beal's Tips For Player Success

Doug Beal, Coach of the 1984 Gold-Medal-winning U.S. Men's Olympic Team, outlines his traits a winning volleyball athlete should cultivate in his 1985 book "Spike!"

Respect the other team's athletes.

When you block a ball, turn around and celebrate with your teammates.

Don't play them, play yourself.

If you only play to win, you limit yourself. You can do better! Play every ball as if it was the most important play of the game.

Don't watch the other players to see what they're doing. Don't worry about the score. Play your very best, every play, and the rest will take care of itself.

Celebrating together builds enthusiasm and confidence.

Playing against yourself builds skill and sportsmanship.

What are some general tips?

Is it out?

If you are unsure if a ball is out or not do this simple step. Follow the ball to the line and put one foot on the line and this way you know whether it is out for sure. Volley up!!

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What are some general tips?

Beware of Those Rings

Beware of Your Rings:

Here's a good tip for adult players (since most high schools and college rules prohibit wearing jewelry on the court):

A jammed finger swells up faster than a helium balloon.
So even if you're just volleying in your backyard, take off your ring. The alternative is to cut your precious ring off if your finger gets jammed, which isn't a pleasant scenario.

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