Doug Beal's Tips For Player Success

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What does Doug Beal say about player success?

Doug Beal's Tips For Player Success

Doug Beal, Coach of the 1984 Gold-Medal-winning U.S. Men's Olympic Team, outlines his traits a winning volleyball athlete should cultivate in his 1985 book "Spike!"

Respect the other team's athletes.

When you block a ball, turn around and celebrate with your teammates.

Don't play them, play yourself.

If you only play to win, you limit yourself. You can do better! Play every ball as if it was the most important play of the game.

Don't watch the other players to see what they're doing. Don't worry about the score. Play your very best, every play, and the rest will take care of itself.

Celebrating together builds enthusiasm and confidence.

Playing against yourself builds skill and sportsmanship.



6/21/2006 8:44:21 AM
Rachael and kim said:

we do think it is important to play every ball as if it was the most important play..

3/27/2007 7:10:54 AM
Destinee said:

Omg that is really good i just started volleyball and i am not a good server but i will always remeber those tips thanx alot.

4/7/2007 5:42:02 PM
chanice said:

Hi im a volley ball player and that is great advise

4/30/2007 9:01:24 PM
Anne Clifton said:

WOW-I wish that my coach & team knew & practiced these successful tips this past season. Since I am now a senior & captain of the team I will encourage these tips to be used in the next season!

9/13/2007 5:55:05 PM
Nikki said:

I was looking 4 tips not motivational words- thanx tho

1/25/2009 1:39:13 PM
camilia said:

i think it is important to play every ball as if it was the most important play. in other words i agree with Rachael and Kim

4/6/2009 5:56:17 PM
kami said:

that is some really good adivce. i played volleyball for only two years but i had fun playing it. i was captain for both years and i learned a lot of things in doing so.

8/4/2009 7:41:43 PM
nathalie said:

that wasnt a goog tips on playing thats what niced to do and good to do

9/9/2009 9:10:35 PM
Candy said:

These are some really great tips I really needed. I'm trying out for the 8th grade team at my school this year. I made the team last year in 7th grade, but there are SO many girls trying out this year, I hope I make the cut! Thanks...I really needed this.

9/11/2009 8:57:33 PM
greg said:

this is very helpful to me you guys should make a website or something really . becuase this is going to be really helpful. thanx

9/19/2009 7:43:14 PM
Briana said:

THis is okay i mean i already knew it but its good for pweople who dont


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