4-on-4 for Back Row Quickness

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Can 4-on-4 help back row players?

4-on-4 for Back Row Quickness

We use the 4-on-4 drill nearly every day in practice, because it's a good workout and helps the back row people play smarter.

We use a "diamond" configuration, with one designated setter in CF, one back row player, and two outside hitters.

When the opponent is hitting on the outside, the opposite outside player rotates back to the ten-foot line, just as they do in a 6-person game. We double block as much as possible.

The back row person must read the opposing hitters, so they can be ready to make a move quickly to get to the ball. This drill really works, if you constantly reemphasize keeping an eye of hitter approaches, eye movement, body language, and speed of the ball.

It's a great drill, working on every phase of the game, but it's especially helpful to back row players.

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