Hitting At the Setter

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Hitting At the Setter

Here's a drill designed to remind setters that they must be a defensive player first, a setter 2nd.

Six players on each side. Coach tosses the ball to the side opposite your setter, free ball style. They run a play, setting the ball to either outside hitter. If the set goes to LF, they should hit or tip line. If it's set to RF, they should hit angle.

The idea is to hit or tip at the setter, in RB. The setter needs to be in proper position in order to pick up the ball. Then, the rest of the team must adjust, since the setter has taken the first ball.

It's a good drill to get your setter to play defense, instead of cheating up. It's also good for the rest of the team, which needs to be able to react when the setter is out of the play. It's even good for the hitting team, because they need to be thinking about where they want to place the ball.

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