Rolling Bump Drill

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Do you have a good beginning passer drill?

Rolling Bump Drill

Here's a drill to help players get comfortable with being on the floor, which is crucial to defensive success. But it also works on quickness, bumping skills and is great for conditioning, as well.

Have a player start on the floor, roll 3 complete revolutions (the rest of the team can count them loudly, which adds to the excitement and fun). As soon as they've completed their revolutions, toss a ball in a position difficult enough to make them work hard to pop it up. (For beginners, just toss the ball relatively high, so they can get underneath and make a play on the ball. You want to encourage success from the beginning.)

The drill can be run as if the bump was a 1st or 2nd hit, or as an emergency 3rd hit that needs to go over the net. Keep it moving, and the conditioning will improve, as well as quickness and skill level.

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