To 5-1 or not to 5-1

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To 5-1 or not to 5-1

Especially at the high school level, coaches often have to wrestle with the fact that they just don't have two varsity-level setters. And that always brings up the dilemma: should you go with a 5-1, or stay with the 6-2 and hope for the best?

There are two strong schools of thought: The first says to go ahead and use the 6-2, because the second player will eventually gain enough experience to become a varsity-level player.

But the second assumes that 2nd setter will never make the grade, and it's best to go 5-1 with the strong setter you now have.

Subscribers to the first theory say it's important to keep bringing setters along, because eventually that setter will graduate, and you'll be left with no one who has varsity experience.

Believers in the second group look at short-term results, and feel a new setter can be groomed a little at a time, without throwing that player into the fire when they're not ready. In the meantime, they say, the team will do better with a strong setter all the way around.

Which tack is best for your team? Ultimately, you'll have to decide for yourself, but in the meantime, you'll hear empassioned opinions on either side of the debate.

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8/12/2007 10:09:07 PM
Morgan said:

My delima is I only have one strong right side player and I don't want to pull her out of the game because she is an excellent passer. Therefore, I have to use a 5-1 to be able to keep my best passers in the game.


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