Physical Qualities to Look For In Your Setter

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What are some physical qualities to look for in potential players?

Physical Qualities to Look For In Your Setter

When trying to fill your setting role, here's some suggestions of what to look for:

1) Great athletic ability. Quick, powerful, with good perception skills and peripheral vision.

2) A great pair of hands, allowing total control over each set, and the ability to move into a position to allow the hands to do most of the work.

3) Good size. It used to be the coach would walk down the line of would-be players, pick out the smallest player and say, "You're our setter." But it's better to have a setter who can do more things, like tipping, jump setting or even turning to crank, at times.

4) Good spatial orientation, which means knowing where everyone is, on both sides of the net, at all times.

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