Teaching Skills, Sequence Suggestions

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What sequence should I use in teaching skills at camp?

Teaching Skills, Sequence Suggestions

If you've never run a camp before, here's a basic sequence you might want to consider. It gives players a logical sequence of events, in the order they will happen in game situations, and allows coaches to build on each prior step as they move to the next skill:

1) Serving begins everything. With no serve a team never scores.

2) Passing. Without a good pass, running an offense isn't possible.

3) Setting. Once the ball is passed to the net, someone has to redirect it to the proper places.

4) Spiking. Although everyone wants to do this first, it's really #4 in the overall scheme of things.

5) Blocks. It's the most advanced skill in the game, and generally only comes into play in the more advanced levels.

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6/20/2009 7:53:46 AM
Sharon said:

The comment if you cant serve you cant score needs to change since volleyball went to rally scoring. Maybe missing a serve is like shooting a basket in the other teams basket...you give THEM points. (?)


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