Basic Charts You'll Want To Keep

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Basic Charts You'll Want To Keep

To know if your program and players are moving in the right direction, you'll need to keep several charts. In our program, we keep just a few basics, in no small part because we always have difficulty finding people to help keep stats for us. (A constant problem among programs not listed among the "elite.")

We keep a serving chart, with simply + or - signs, for successful or unsuccessful, and we circle our aces. That's it. In our program, we're happy just to have the ball over the net, so we don't call our servers to hit certain areas. If you do, you'll want to add notations about which area the ball was hit to.

We keep stats on hitting, which also gives us assists at the same time. We put the number of the setter next to the hit, with an M, R, L, or BR (Back Row)each time a player hits. Then we mark the hit with a + (kill), - (error) or 0 (hit was returned).

Our dig chart is very simple, as well. We mark a successful dig with a "D," and a ball that was simply touched by a player with a "T." That lets us know the player made an effort to get the ball. We count "D's" as one dig, and "T's" as 1/2. A 3rd mark, "-," tells us the player made no play on the ball, and we address that lack of hustle in the next practice session. (Digs are only counted on hard-driven spikes, not serve receives.)

Our last chart is for blocks, and consists of "S" for solo blocks, "A" for assisted blocks, and "E" for errors. If the stat keeper can't tell who actually made the block when 2 blockers are involved, we have them both credited with and assisted block. That takes the pressure off the statisticians. (Blocks must hit the ground for point or side out to count.)

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