Iradge Ahrabi-Fard's Sample Practice

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Iradge Ahrabi-Fard's Sample Practice

University of Northern Iowa coach, Iradge Ahrabi-Fard, recommends the following outine for a practice:

1-Warm up (Jogging, stretching, and ball warm ups like wall ball or pepper.)

2-Main work out (Involving review of the last skill worked on previously, drills geared toward a specific phase of the game, and serve/receive drills.)

3-Intense game drills (Incorporating all phases of the game.)

4-On court conditioning (Strength training such as push ups, sit ups, etc.; speed training like sprints, power training, such as plyometric jumping, and agility training, such as rope jumping and foot movement.)

5-Cool down ("Active rest," such as slow jog and stretching.)

6-Dismissal (Putting away equipment, final comments and verbal dismissal.)

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7/22/2007 5:12:49 AM
Amy (Dall) Friess said:

Great outline and I totally trust Coach Iradge Ahrabi-Fard because he is the best.


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