Introducing A Skill

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What are the steps to skill introduction?

Introducing A Skill

According to Carl McGown, longtime coach of BYU's powerful Men's volleyball team, here's a program for introducing players to a new skill:

1- Have a skilled player demonstrate the skill 5-6 times. Have your players view the skill from several different vantage points.

2- Break the skill into "keys to remember." That is, finer points within the main skill. Go through those keys individually with players, emphasizing each key as you go.

3- Have players attempt the skill, offering feedback on the things they do correctly.

4- Show the keys again, have the skilled players demonstrate the keys and the entire skill several more times.

5- Have players attempt the keys again, in succession, individually, offering feedback as they go.

6- Have players go through the entire skill, using all the keys, in a gamelike situation, still offering feedback.

7- Answer any and all questions regarding the skill before moving on to the next item on your agenda.

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