The Importance of Developing A Routine.

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Why should I have a serving routine?

The Importance of Developing A Routine.

Since serving is the only time an individual player has total control of a game, just like shooting free throws in a basketball game, it's very important to develop a routine to ensure success.

This routine should be developed from the very earliest days of a server's career. Teach your players to create a routine and stick with it, regardless of the game situation.

Although we leave room for individuality, we teach bouncing the ball a couple times, taking a deep breath, then looking up and going immediately into the serving motion. The first two steps help the player concentrate and put down any anxiety. The next step makes it impossible for that anxiety to creep back in, since the motion is instaneous after the "gathering" portion of the routine.

Whatever a player develops, encourage her to use it every time. The familiarity will help take the pressure off in intense situations, and help gain greater success for her and the team.

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