Assessing Passers

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How can I assess passers?

Assessing Passers

Here's a method for assessing passers at the beginning of the season:

Have two passers on one side of the net, along with a target player, to give them someone to pass to.

Serve fairly quickly to the 2 players, having an assistant keep stats on each serve. Give a + for a perfect pass, one a setter could use to run a center attack with, a - for a shanked pass, and 1/2 for a pass high enough for the setter to put the ball into the air for some kind of set.

Use the player's first initial, so you'll be able to tell who passed each ball. If your players were Misty and Kim, the stats would look something like this: M+, K1/2, M+, K-, M-, K+, etc.

Keep the drill moving, stress accuracy. If you can't find a consistent server, you can run the drill by just tossing the ball over.

This will give you a quantifiable gauge in assessing your players' passing abilities.

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