Making Inexpensive Ankle Weights.

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How can I make inexpensive leg weights?

Making Inexpensive Ankle Weights.

Having worked with a number of programs that always seemed to be strapped for cash, we have come up with a number of novel strategies for making useful equipment out of materials easily accessible to everyone.

Since a large vertical leap is critical to volleyball, players are constantly looking for ways to add inches to their jump. One solution is to wear ankle weights, in practice or in everyday sitations.

A very inexpensive ankle weight can be made from a tube sock, a bread sack and some sand. Take the bread sack, stuff it inside of the tube sock, and fill it with sand. Fill the sock only with enough sand to leave it pliable enough to be tied around the ankle.

Using wet sand can add a slight bit of weight, but isn't necessary. The bread sack is meant to stop the sand from escaping. Make sure your ties are good and tight!

They work beautifully, and cost next to nothing.

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12/18/2011 2:54:36 PM
volleyball<3 said:

isn't anckle weights bad for your legs?


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