Middle Blocking, Part 5

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How do I become a better middle blocker?

Middle Blocking, Part 5

Middle blockers rule the net. They need to be warriors, constantly in motion, relentlessly aggressive on offense and defense.

To be an effective CF (Center Front), you must love to work hard and be involved in every play. You're like the shot blocker in basketball. You have to dominate the net, and make it your own, make opposing hitters think about what they're doing, change their shots, throw off their game.

Here's a fifth tip for playing tough CF:

Play one-on-one with the opposing CF. It's like man-to-man in basketball. If she goes up, you must up. If she moves to hit a slide, you have to go with her. Unless you know for certain she'll be out of the play, you have to "mirror" the opposing CF.

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10/18/2006 1:03:55 PM
Shiloh Knudsen said:

I love this tip, because I absolutely love being involved in every play! It's so much fun!


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