Exteme Accuracy Drill

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Do you have a good free ball drill?

Exteme Accuracy Drill

There is no time when an accurate pass is more important than on the free ball. Your opponent has just given your team a golden opportunity to run whatever type of play they want, but it won't happen without an accurate pass.

So we set up two teams, and have one of them begin at the net, in defensive position. Then, at the signal, everyone rotates into a free ball situation. The coach then tosses a ball high, simulating a free ball.

The passing team must make an extremely accurate pass to score a point, meaning the ball must be in Center Front, high enough for our setter to run a combination play.

We keep rally score, but alternate tossing to the teams, so each side gets an even number of opportunities. At the beginning of the drill we usually have the setter hold the ball and then toss it back to the coach. Later, we play the ball out, although no points are given for the outcome. The focus is on Extreme Accuracy in the free ball pass.

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