Effective Blocking, Part 3

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How can I block better?

Effective Blocking, Part 3

After the set is in the air, you must turn your attention to the hitter's body language. Here's four ideas on reading your attacker:

If the ball is inside the hitter's shoulder, they will usually hit an angle shot.

If the ball passes the midline of the attacker's body, they're usually preparing for a line shot.

If the set is tight to the net, you'll have to release more quickly to get your hands on the ball. The hitter will have to reach closer to the net to hit, and you'll be able to surround the ball if you get there in time.

A set that's off the net will likely be hit cross court, because it's a higher percentage shot for the attacker. Remember to delay your jump a split second longer, though, when the ball is back farther, since it will take a little longer to reach the net.

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