Setter Workouts, Standing

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How can I become a better setter?

Setter Workouts, Standing

Once setters have mastered the sitting technique, thus isolating the hand and arm muscles involved in setting, it's time to have them stand and get the whole body involved in the workout.

1) Partners, about 6 feet apart, one with medicine ball.

2) The player who has the ball adopts the setting position, knees bent, elbows out, fingers spread, ball cradled on the tips of the fingers.

3) That player now goes through the setting motion, lifting up with the knees, and sets to their partner.

4) Partner CATCHES the ball, assumes the position, and returns the set.

Usually, setters will encounter more injuries than benefit if they try to actually set the ball back and forth. It's best to just catch and start over each time.

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