Medicine Ball Work, Part 2

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Basic medicine ball workouts?

Medicine Ball Work, Part 2

Once you've got your ball, homemade or store-bought, here's a beginning exercise to get you started:

1) Hold the ball out in front of you, arms straight, elbows locked, at chest level.

2) Slowly move the ball, swiveling at the waist, to your right, arms still out straight. As you reach your maximum stretch, slow down ... don't bounce. You might strain something, and that's not the idea.

3) Hold the ball briefly, once you've come to a halt, in that position, and then begin returning to the original position, ball back in front of you.

4) Hold the ball in the original position for a moment, and then repeat the motion to your left.

5) 15 reps will give you a good workout to begin. If you decide to do more as the season progresses, give yourself a 2 minute rest between repetitions.

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