Whole Team Blocking Drill

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Whole Team Blocking Drill

In order to get your hitters to take a look before they hit, here's a good drill: we call it the "Whole Team Block."

We set up a 6-player team, have a coach toss a free ball across the net for them to pass. They run a play and go up to hit.

The twist is, we've got 6 or 7 blockers at the net, trying to shut down the hit. The hitters aren't allowed to tip over the top of the block, so they must try to find a way around or through.

This drill is also good for your hit coverage, since alot of balls come back off the block. We've used this to help our hitters get smarter, instead of just blasting away.

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8/25/2006 11:09:20 PM
corrina said:

I think it's a good tip just kind of har to understand.


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