Finding A Club for Your Child, Part 2

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How can I find a club to play on?

Finding A Club for Your Child, Part 2

Once you've interviewed the club owners, members and read their materials, you'll want to let your child get a feel for the staff and players, as well.

It's important for them to feel comfortable in the club, if they're to have a positive experience.

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2/24/2009 8:45:49 AM
Joe said:

Ultimately - your child will simply NOT feel likr they're truly part of the team unless they have meaningful play time in meaningful games. It appears that the teams that generally do better in USA Club volleyball are the that utilize ROBUST substitution rotations - their players are just "fresher" for all challenges. Clubs that simply focus on playing six or seven (but bring along 10 or 11 to help defray costs for the "starters") generally don't enjoy the same level of success. This policy is especially egregious when this is done to younger Club players (12-13-14-15 year olds) who are looking for some level of development. Parents are generally "ok" with unequal play time . . . I've never met one who's ok with "none" or "next to none".

3/3/2009 1:13:48 PM
james said:

just curious as to how many clubs allow you to play with the team without first paying?


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