A 4th Ice-Breaking Relay

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Do you know of relays to break the ice at my camp?

A 4th Ice-Breaking Relay

Here's another game players at all levels seem to love.

It involves having all the players laying on their backs in relay fashion, bottoms of the feet touching the person's shoulders in front of them.

The object is to take a volleyball, clutch it with your feet, lift it over your body and pass it to the feet of the next player. As soon as the player has successfully passed the ball, they get up and run to the end of the line, so the ball can continue being passed.

Once they get the hang of it, the ball can go quite quickly, which means players have to hustle to get into position before it arrives back to them again.

A hilarious moment occurs when the relay must turn around at the wall on the far end of the gym to head back toward the starting line. Players must begin passing the ball at an angle to make the hairpin turn, and everyone has a great time, laughing and cheering as the relay continues.

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7/14/2007 5:43:08 PM
Caitlin said:

I might tell my coach this. what a great idea!


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