A Fun Camp Ice Breaking Relay

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How can I break the ice at my camp with a game?

A Fun Camp Ice Breaking Relay

Breaking the ice is always the first hurdle for a camp director, and here's one the kids love.

Divide your kids into several groups, preferably in teams of 5 or 6, in relay lines. Hand each player a volleyball, have the first player run to the other end of the gym and back. Then that player hands their ball to the next player, who repeats the run.

The relay continues, until the final player has to juggle all 5 or 6 balls as they run. It makes for great fun.

After we've done that once, we then run the relay with everyone having to carry all the balls each time. If they have no trouble with 5 or 6, keep adding balls to the relay until the teams have to help each other by helping team mates stuff balls in shirts, shorts, etc.

It becomes hilarious, and promotes players to work together for success.



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