Tips for Center Back Defenders

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How can I be a better back row defender?

Tips for Center Back Defenders

The center back is critical to any team's defense. As a CB, you have the best view of what's happening. You're like the center fielder in a baseball game. You get to see everything unfold, and are in the best position to react, or to call out what you're seeing so your teammates can react.

Here's a few tips for playing effective CB:
1-Stay back! Cheating up is easy to do, but can be fatal, since CB is responsible for everything deep, sideline to sideline. If you cheat up, you can't cover deep effectively.

2-Talk! Since you have the best view of the action, tell your teammates what you're seeing, so they can react.

3-Call "in" and "out" on every ball, so teammates can make quick decisions on whether to play it or not.

4-Call all touches when you see them, so teammates can react quickly.

5-Make plays on anything close. CBs must be fearless, and willing to sacrifice their bodies to keep the ball in play. You're often the last resort, and can make the difference between winning and losing with spectacular saves. Remember the old adage: "Make the play first, then decide if it was impossible."

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