Teach passing technique with milk jugs.

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How can I become a better passer?

Teach passing technique with milk jugs.

An inexpensive, yet highly effective technique for teaching beginners to pass involves something everyone can easily come by ... a one-gallon milk jug. Set the milk jug on the floor, and then have the passer stand above it, feet slightly wider than her shoulders, the milk jug slightly in front of her body. The passer then bends her knees, keeping her back straight, eyes forward, arms locked into the passing position, until she can feel the handle of the milk jug with her index fingers. Have her pick up the milk jug with her two fingers, and rise up with her knees, always keeping her back straight, eyes up, and the jug squarely between her legs. This technique is excellent for teaching beginners not to bend at the waist, making it difficult for them to see their target. If taught very early, it will help train the body to always maintain the proper stance when passing, and eliminate many of the bad habits that creep into player's technique if they're not taught correctly from the very beginnning.



3/12/2007 6:05:57 PM
courtney campbell said:

I have just made the volleyball team for my school and my coach is looking for some good stratagies.. so thanks for helping me by giving these helpful hints!! :)


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