Disguising An Accidental Back Row Attack

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How do we disguise an accidental back row attack?

Disguising An Accidental Back Row Attack

If you know you've accidentally put the ball away with a back row attack from in front of the 10' line, instantly call all your teammates together for a huddle.

Have everyone mill around, rather aimlessly, so that the officials won't be able to immediately tell who is supposed to be in the back row at that given time.

Stay in your jumbled formation as long as possible. If someone needs to sub out, send them to the sideline, but don't stop milling around.

Once the officials turn their attention to the sub or some other piece of business, it that means they're ready to move on with play, and it's generally safe to return to your correct position.

However, it should be pointed out that a sharp official will take the time to study your line-up until they have satisfied themselves the hit was legal or illegal, then make the call.

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