The Scholarship Process, Part 1

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How can I get a scholarship?

The Scholarship Process, Part 1

Here's how the process works, if you're not a player who has gathered tons of exposure as an all-state standout (which is a large group, considering how few players actually make those lists).

YOU need to let coaches know you're out there, first and foremost. College coaches build their programs based on recommendations from high school coaches across the country. (As a coach, I get dozens of letters every year from colleges asking me to send info on promising players.)

Here's a personal example of how the process works: This year, one of my players asked me to approach a particular college in her behalf, and I was happy to help.

I emailed her stats and a personal letter of recommendation to that school's coach, and in just a few days, I got a lovely email from the coach, thanking me for letting her know about my player.

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