Talk Loud Drill

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Do you have a good team defense drill?

Talk Loud Drill

Although it's not emphasized in many of the manuals, talking is one of the most important skills in volleyball. Here's a drill to encourage talking:

Have your coach toss a ball into play. From the very moment the ball crosses the net, someone needs to call out what's going on. It shouldn't be one particular person. Everyone needs to learn to talk. What should they say? There's something that could be said on every hit on every play. "Out," "In," "Mine," "2 Up," "I'm here," the list is endless.

If no one talks, the team runs sprints, laps or whatever has been decided upon before the drill begins.

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9/24/2007 3:43:32 PM
Kaleigh said:

This works perfectly for my team. My teamates are so lifeless, and me and a few other girls are the only ones who call the ball. Now we all do!


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