Birds and Bees

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Do you have a good conditioning drill?

Birds and Bees

Regardlesss of the skill level of your players, conditioning is always a part of the training process. Here's a drill that's fun and gets the players moving.

Have the players partner up, then have them lie head-to-head at the center line, feet facing the endlines. Tell all the players on one side they are "Birds," and the ones on the other are "Bees."

At the signal, the team called will chase the other team to the end of the gym, trying to catch them. Tell the "Birds" they are going to "peck" their teammate, while the "Bees" are going to "sting."

When they've reached the end of the gym, bring them back quickly and start over. Players usually enjoy this game, and hardly realize they've been running full-blast for any length of time once it's over.

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