1-on-1 Serving-Passing Game

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1-on-1 Serving-Passing Game

Here's a game that directly pits servers against passers and although it's a 1-1 game, it can involve as many as 6 players at the same time.

Have one player stand at endline with a ball (the server) and one player directly opposite on the other side of the net (the passer). A third player stands at center front, by the net (as a target for the passer).

The server must serve the ball within one step of the passer. If the serve is good, the passer must pass the ball within one step of the target.

A point is given the server for a good serve. A point is awarded the passer for a perfect pass. The first player to 3 moves to the target position. (The loser stays where they are.) The target then changes position with the person who won.

It's a fun and competitive drill, improving serving and passing accuracy.

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