Effective Blocking, Part 6

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How can I block better?

Effective Blocking, Part 6

Here's a good way to learn where to set up on a hitter you don't know very well.

Start on the angle, since most players will hit angle most of the time. Then, if the player hits inside your left hand, set up your next block one step farther to the center.

Keep moving one step toward the center until you finally block a shot. Now you've discovered that hitter's favorite alley. Park yourself in that alley, and make your opponent try something else. Often, no one has ever fine-tuned their block enough to shut that alley down, and they won't quite know what to do.

Often, that player will start to hit harder and harder, which just will make the ball go more quickly back into their own court after carroming off your block.

Then, after several stuffs, that player will begin to tip, and now you OWN them! A hitter who only tips has taken away a large part of their team's offense.

Try it, it works!

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