Reading Hitters, Part 2

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How can I learn to read the hitters when I´m in the back row?

Reading Hitters, Part 2

Reading hitters is critical to becoming a great back row player. Once you've learned as much as you can about your opponent's style and hitting tastes, you're ready to watch the play unfold, always looking for clues.

First, you watch the pass, to see where it's going. Is the ball going straight up from where the passer contacted the ball? Is it headed for center front, where the setter will have more options?

Watch the flight of the ball, and adjust accordingly.

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9/10/2007 11:43:30 AM
Matt Isaacs said:

I disagree with this tip, for the most part. It advocates playing the ball rather than the player. You should only watch the ball just enough to know where it's going, which takes a short fraction of a second. After that, the only time you need to look at the ball again is AFTER the hitter contacts it.


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