The Death March

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The Death March

No matter what plyometric workout you use, there are coaches who recommend using "the death march" at the end. Here's what it entails.

After you've gone through your regular workout, find something you have to jump up to touch; a backboard works well. (For shorter players, coaches may need to hand some tape down, just low enough that the player needs to reach high when they jump to touch.)

The idea is to stand below your target, gather with two feet, similar to a blocking motion, then jump up and touch the target. As soon as you touch down, gather again and repeat the process. You will then keep repeating the process until you miss your target 3 times in a row.

It's gruelling, but it can definitely pay off in the long run, with a higher jump reach and better endurance. (The don't call it the death march for nothing!)

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3/13/2007 8:20:54 AM
mary echanis said:

Two hand touch? Did this in middle school PE class, but modified it, as whole class activity, to 10 jumps in a row, with maximum effort. Worked well, especially giving it the name "DEATH MARCH"! Middle schoolers love that.


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