Black Sheep Tipping Drill

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Black Sheep Tipping Drill

Here's a drill for helping players learn to look up, then send a long tip to a very specific area, instituting a volleyball version of the old baseball adage: "Hit 'em where they ain't."

Designate one player on each side of the net the "Black Sheep." (You'll actually have 7 players on each side, including your "Black Sheep.")

Have your Black Sheep wander very slowly around the court, concentrating especially on the back corners.

Begin by tossing a free ball to one side. Have the team run a play, but instead of hitting away, have the 3rd hitter spot the Black Sheep and tip the ball to them.

The Black Sheep will get out of the way quickly, if the ball is coming close to them, so their team may run the drill back at the other team, also trying to find the Black Sheep on the other side.

This drill works great for getting players to look up, quickly find an empty spot, and then deliver the ball to that spot.

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