Hit or Block Shouting Drill

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Do you have a good blocking drill?

Hit or Block Shouting Drill

Since much of volleyball is mental, here's a drill to help with the decision that hitters, especially middles, face many times each game - that is, whether to hit or block.

Have your front row players divide into teams 1/2 on each side of the net. One player from each team stands at the net, waiting for a coach to toss a ball from the referee's stand at the end of the net.

As the toss goes up, the next player in line will quickly assess the flight of the ball and yell "hit" or "block," according to their assessment.

The front row player at the net will do whatever their teammate has told them to do, and watch the outcome.

This drill works well in helping players know when to hit away and when to cover. It forces the front row to think about each situation and to make better decisions.

You can play till a certain number of points has been reached, to add some competition to the drill, as well.

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