The Jump Serve, Part 6

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How can I learn to serve a jump serve?

The Jump Serve, Part 6

The last step in your jump serving routine will be to strive for accuracy. As a high school coach, I generally love to see a player who uses a jump serve against us, because normally they're only good for a couple points. After that, they either hit the net, or our passers adjust to the fairly predictable flight of the ball, and we'll get it back, either way.

As a jump server, you'll need to work hard on getting the ball over the net and in the court. That's your absolute first priority. Once you have a high serving percentage, you can begin to pick out a bad passer on the other team and try to serve them.

Accuracy is your greatest worry as a jump server. You never help your team if the ball doesn't stay playable. If you can become accurate, however, you can create havoc for opposing passers.

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