Corner to Corner Jumps

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Corner to Corner Jumps

Since quick mobility is as critical as high jumping to successful volleyball, here's an exercise to work on both at the same time:

Have all players pick a group of lines on the floor (our gym has 100s of lines, so finding them isn't hard) that will allow them to choose a corner where two lines converge. (Making an "L".)

From that point, each player will jump straight ahead, using both feet, as far as they can. Then, without stopping, they instantly jump to their right, again using both feet, as far as they can.

Instantly upon landing, they jump backwards as far as they can. Finally, they jump to their left, which should bring them exactly back to their starting point.

We do this in two ways: we have players do a certain number of jumps, or we time them, which also makes sure they get an aerobic benefit, as well.

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