Three Plyometric Jumping Exercises

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Three Plyometric Jumping Exercises

Here's 3 jumping exercises we use as part of our overall plyometric routime at the beginning of the season to help improve jump reaches:

30-meter one-leg hops. Start at end line, then using left leg only, hop to center line. Then sprint back to end line. Repeat, this time hopping only on right leg.
(5 repetitions.)

30-meter bounds. This time, bound first off left foot, then right, alternately, to center line, then sprint back. (5 reps.)

30-meter approach jumps. Make two-step approaches, including big leap, full armswing as if spiking. Go to center line, sprint back. (5 reps.)

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6/1/2007 5:26:00 PM
lizzie said:

well i just started playing vollyball & i need all the help i can get & this really helped.


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