Medicine Ball Work, Bump Toss

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What´s a medicine ball "bump toss?"

Medicine Ball Work, Bump Toss

Here's a medicine ball workout that's great for strengthening arms and legs. We call it the "bump toss."

1) Assume a passing position, and face a partner, who holds the medicine ball, waiting for your signal.

2) Tell your partner you're ready, then have them toss the ball toward you in a gentle arc.

3) Move to where you can catch the ball in the exact position you would be passing a ball on a free ball.

4) Catch the ball with both hands at about zipper level, allowing your arms to catch the momentum of the ball.

5) Move the ball back forward, lifting it up to about zipper level again, and then let it fly back to your partner.

6) Repeat about 15 times, allowing 2 minutes between if you're doing multiple sets.

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