Hit the Deck! Drill

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Do you have a good hitting the floor drill?

Hit the Deck! Drill

Teaching aggressive defense is always desirable, and nearly always difficult. Folks are nearly always afraid to hit the floor, and a coach must overcome that fear before the team will hit the floor automatically.

We borrowed one helpful drill from our football team. It's simple, the girls seem to like doing a football drill, and it has helped take the fear out of hitting the floor.

All we do is have the girls run in place, like the footballers. When I point in one direction, they turn and face that direction, still running in place. Whenever I yell "Hit the Deck!" the girls are to hit the floor instantly. It's amazing to see them hitting the floor without the slightest fear once they get caught up in the spirit and quickness of the drill.

From then on, it's easier to get them to hit the floor, since they've learned it isn't as scary as they thought.

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