The Serving Web - A Fun Game

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How can I learn to serve better?

The Serving Web - A Fun Game

Here's a drill we use in many of our camps that seems to be enjoyed by everyone who tries it, but teaches serving technique, accuracy, and teamwork.

Divide your team into 2 squads, half on each serving line. Send one player from each team to the other side, and have them lay on their stomach.

One by one, servers must try to hit their teammate on the floor. She can touch the ball with hands or feet, or the serve can hit her anywhere on the body to score. Each time she can reach a serve, her teammate runs to join her on the floor, linking hand-to-hand or hand-to-foot.

Players then serve to the two of them, trying to hit them so they can join them on the floor. Players must stay in contact on the floor at all times.

It makes for some hilarious action, and everyone has a good time. Yet servers must get the ball over the net and serve accurately enough to touch a teammate in order to win.

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