Thinking of the Serve as a Weapon

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How can I learn to serve better?

Thinking of the Serve as a Weapon

The serve is a weapon, and you can sometimes score as many as 40% of your team's points by simply being a good, accurate server.

Think of it this way:

How many times have you seen basketball teams lose because they could hit their freethrows when it counted? The same is true for serving. Missing serves at critical times can kill a volleyball team.

In fact, if your team can't serve, you'll never win any volleyball games, pure and simple.

To become an effective serving warrior, think in terms of good serves first, and then accuracy.

By serving good, you at least give your team the opportunity to score. By serving to a player who has difficulty passing, you vastly increase your chance of scoring.

Remember, every serve is important, no matter when it occurs in the match. By serving well and accurately, you can help your team win many more matches than they otherwise would have.

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