Advanced Blocking Tips

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How can I block better?

Advanced Blocking Tips

Here's a few tips for becoming a superior blocker:

1- A shorter hitter will often have developed a wider variety of hits, including line shots.

2- The farther back a ball is set from the net, the more likely an outside hitter is to hit angle.

3- Sometimes, if you pay attention, you can "steal" signals from the opposing setter and hitter if you watch.

4- If a player has run too far underneath a ball, it's likely to be an off-speed shot or tip.

5- Every hitter has a favorite spot. If they get lazy, they will hit that spot. Learn their favorite, and take it away from them.

6- If a CF begins edging slightly forward as the play develops, they may be getting ready for a quick set. Their body language can give them away.

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