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How does Coach-on-3 work?


We use this drill nearly every day, since it involves so many skills. Designate one player as setter, whose job it will be to set the coach during the drill.

3 other players now will take spikes and tips from the coach, set by the designated setter, for either a certain amount of time or predetermined number of attacks.

We approach the drill in a couple ways, but the one we use most often is the "keep the ball up until the setter can set the coach" tactic. That means the 3 players must continue bumping, setting, diving, whatever it takes to get the ball to the setter in such a way that she can take the ball overhead and reset the coach. If it takes 20 touches to do that, so be it!

This drill is great for hustle, teamwork and endurance. It teaches players to keep working until the goal is attained, which is to get a perfect pass to the setter. Then everyone must quickly reset and start all over.

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