Teaching diggers to read hitters.

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How can I read hitters better?

Teaching diggers to read hitters.

Backrow players must develop a keen sense of where hitters are going to hit if they're going to be effective.

One way we do that is simply to have our backrow players sit on the back line and watch hitters as they approach and hit.

As they watch the hitters, they try to pick up clues as to where the ball will be hit, and then call out, "line," "angle," "tip," "off-speed," or whatever it is the hitter is planning to do, based on the information they've gathered from body language, approach, armswing, and all the other clues hitters give off, often without thinking.

It teaches backrow players to watch and be aware, giving them an advantage in getting to where they need to be early in order to dig.

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