Using Bleachers for Plymetric Exercises

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Can we use bleachers for plyometric exercises?

Using Bleachers for Plymetric Exercises

Plymetric boxes are undeniably helpful in improving your jump, but the cost of commercially-made boxes can be prohibitive.

But there are ways to get the benefits without spending all your program's limited funds. The most easiest is to use something found in nearly all gyms ... the bleachers.

Bleacher seats are nearly the perfect height for plyometric boxes, although they are limited in the types of jumps you can do. (They're not perfect, but they're free.)

We use the bleachers for a number of plymetric exercises, especially at the beginning of the season.
Make sure the bleachers are secure before you begin. Injuries can occur if the bleachers slide around while players are jumping.

1- Start by standing in front of the bleacher and just stepping up onto the seat with one foot, bringing the other one up, and then stepping back down. Alternate feet and do 10 reps.

2- Then, jump onto the bleacher with both feet, and then jump back down. The time spent on the ground and on the bleacher should be very small. This explosion of muscle activity is important in increasing jump. Do 10 reps to begin, and increase as players improve.

3- Stand in front of the bleacher and jump onto the seat using only one leg. Alternate, do 10 reps.

These simple plyometric exercises can go a long way toward strengthening players legs and increasing jumps, and you certainly can't argue with the cost!

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