A fun precision-serving drill.

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How can I improve my serving?

A fun precision-serving drill.

Serving, like free throw shooting in basketball, can be a drudgery, something that coaches leave till the end of practice, almost as an afterthought.

However, just like free throws, serving well is key to winning ball games. After all, serving is the only time a player has 100% control of the ball game.

But serving over isn't always enough. Most of the time, a serve must also be directed to a particular area. This drill helps players focus on pinpoint serving, offers a competitive setting, and is alot of fun.

Place a chair on each side of the net, in Area 1. Divide your team into 2 squads, one on each side of the net. Have one player from each squad sit in the chair on the opposite side of the net from her team mates.

Players must then serve close enough to the person in the chair that she can catch the ball in the air. Once that happens, the person serving the ball runs under the net and takes that person's place. The person in the chair takes the ball and runs to join the servers.
The new person then moves the chair to Area 2, and the game continues.

On our team, we generally add a couple elements to make missing more undesirable. Whenever a player serves a ball out of bounds or into the net, all her team mates must run lines, touching the 10' line, the end line, and center line. This is to emphasize that whenever a serve is missed, it hurts the entire team.

We also go around the court twice, hitting every area twice, and ending with Area 1.

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